Become a legacy Maker

Major Brent Taylor was killed in action on November 3, 2018 while serving in Afghanistan with the United States Army. It is our goal, as his surviving wife and seven children, to establish a memorial scholarship in Brent’s name at each of his collegiate alma maters--namely, Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. Our fundraising goal for these scholarships is $160,000. We are seeking donations from family and friends, local businesses and community organizations to help us fully fund these accounts so that the scholarships become endowed--and able to be granted to future students in perpetuity.

It is our desire, as a family, to carry on Brent's legacy of service, sacrifice and statesmanship in a way that inspires future students to likewise focus on the same. Our cities, communities, state and nation need more of the kind of service-leadership that Brent exemplified. There are many things Brent might have gone on to do with his professional and public-service life, had he had more years of life on earth. Now that he is no longer here to fulfill any such future roles of leadership, that torch must be passed on to the next generation.

Once we have raised $160,000 the funds will be allocated as follows: $60,000 to BYU for one full-tuition undergraduate scholarship each year, awarded in perpetuity; and $50,000 each for one master’s and one doctoral candidate scholarship each year, awarded in perpetuity. Please join us in our efforts—that the legacy of Major Brent Taylor is carried forward in a way that motivates and inspires future leaders to see past their own individual lives while focusing on true service- oriented leadership. Become a “Legacy Maker” today with a financial donation of any amount.