Leadership legacy fundraiser gala


What will the fundraised money be used for? 

The money raised at the Dinner Gala will be put to use with our scholarship and leadership programs.  We have service-oriented leadership scholarships in place at BYU and the U of U (Brent's Alma Maters), Weber High School (in the community where Brent served as Mayor) and Chandler High School (AZ--where Brent graduated as Student Body President in 1997).  We are looking to also offer a similar scholarship at Weber State, and a separate scholarship for Public Employees looking to go back to school/further their education. We are also working on a leadership training program that we plan to initiate with Weber and Ogden School Districts, focusing on leadership training for junior high and high school students.  We also do service projects and "flag missions," where we assist military and veteran families during difficult times, their funerals, deployments/redeployments, etc. but those projects don't really carry a financial pricetag with them. 

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