#DoYourpart Challenge


















In the middle of this pandemic, we are asking for your help to spread a little positivity and hope. Although it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to stay at home, we see evidence that our current mitigation efforts are working. 


Our Call to Action:

When we do our part, we engage in acts of sacrifice, service and patriotism. After all, a patriot is prepared to defend their country against all enemies and detractors. This time, our enemy is the novel coronavirus which has caused a worldwide pandemic and has killed thousands of Americans. 


Now is the time for us to rise to the occasion with our own sacrifices and acts of patriotism. We are all called to do our part to defend our communities, our state and our country against this virus.


When we come together and do our part, we are doing our civic duty. Whether it is working an essential job at a hospital or grocery store. Or staying home with our families. Our acts of service, sacrifice and patriotism will help to see us through this dark moment. 


Join Us:

The Major Brent Taylor Foundation has started the #DoYourPart campaign to spotlight and celebrate those who are doing their part on social media. 





More Ways You Can Help:








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- Step 1: Select a person you want to shout out.

- Step 2: Post their picture to your Facebook or Instagram account telling us who they are and how they are doing they're part. 


- Step 3: Use hashtags #DoYourPart #BiggerThanMe #Patriotism # COVID19 and tag us at @MajorBrentTaylorFoundation